Justin Dolan

Desinger / Artist / CEO

Hello there, I'm Justin. I'm a 20 year old college/university student who has had a passion for making games since I started playing them. I'm a designer and artist who keep everyone here on track and organized. My favourite game genre is Arcade, My favourite being Pac-Man from 1980(Game of the year, every year!).My focus with making games is to bring back the old and unused mechanics that people remember and work them into something new and exciting!

Jeffory Sons

Benjamin Sims


Hello, everybody! I am Benjamin, a 16 year old (As of 8/18/15), who simply loves to code. I love making games, I love playing games. I. Love. Games! I'm quite the fan of very hard games. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, any good bullet hell, Super Meat Boy, Super Hexagon, etc, etc.. I'm a perfectionist, in my code, and a lover of making AI. It's just something that just.. I can't explain it in words. I am also an avid believer in more people coding.

Lewis Cooper


I was forged in the cold rain and wind of scotland. Inspired by the unforgiving terrain and scenery of my homeland, and the gothic streets of glasgow i descided to channel my effort into the arts. I photograph and scribe what i see, and channel my darkest thoughts into my art. My work is a window into the deepsest parts of my pshycy. I also take the mick alot.

Memrobale Quotes:
-I'm a highly intelligent tube top.
-It's only coffee. "Fomous last words".
-And I'm made of wood.