It's Official. March 18, 2016

by mdjustin at 6:43 am


Today is a great day.
Last Saturday. We applied for registration of our company. 
On Monday the 14th, this application was approved. We are now a Company.

Red Specter Studios Limited is now incorporated. 

This gives us some great benefits, first with the protection of our name. Second it allows us to have our assets under the name of the company now officially as oppose to them being under the names of the individual creates.  

For those who have supported us, 
and we hope to soldier on. 

Our first commercial release is still scheduled for launch later this year. More updates soon.

We are still here. October 26, 2015

by mdjustin at 8:22 am


We are still here, we haven't gone away. 
Lewis and I have been hard at work working on the latest art for our next title while Ben is in the works coding it. 
It's progressing really well and we should have some more news soon. 

If you want to keep up-to date, check out the forum, were on there frequently :)


Uh, Eh. This looks new. September 14, 2015

by mdjustin at 7:03 am

Hello there. 

Things have certainly changed around here. Were do I start?
First the website. We have moved to a new one. We renamed to make us sound more professional and remove the lock we had for only making games. (Justin and Lewis are qualified animators). This will allow us to do more things, such as animations. 

Another thing we have added is a forum. This will make it easier for us to interact with you guys as this is a system that we maintain. 
All you have to do is sign up and you can post. If you only want to read, then you don't need to sign up at all. 

And finally we have re-decorated, this is to bring us into the 2015 look. Going with a flat style. This also makes things fresh. 

Thanks for reading. And we'll keep you updated as time goes on. 

What's next for Ben. August 19, 2015

by mdjustin at 10:45 am

Hello there, 
As you may have noticed we have released another title, in the 2D space, called Space Game. 

With this being done it will receive some additional updates and some added features as time goes one. 
But that is not happening right away, For now we have moved onto a new project with Ben. 

His next title will be a 3D Tower defense game. With it being made a little more difficult as you progress through the game. 
You can see a trend here. 

Anyway, We'll keep you updated as things go on!
Stay tuned. 

Thank you,

Good Morning August 18, 2015

by TheKelticKiwi at 5:10 pm

Good Morning Tokyo, hope your enjoying your Wednesday breakfast. its gonna be a lovely day. I for one have started work on a 3d Model, ill keep you posted folks, enjoy your wonderful day!

Finally, Space Game! (Amazing title for a game, I know.) August 17, 2015

by Benjamin Sims at 3:52 pm

"Amazing" titles aside, I'm proud to finally announce Space Game, my second project in game dev! 

Basically Space Game is a 2D bullet hell game, with 3 main enemy types, a.. Buggy boss (Thanks Unity *Clears throat*), and a tough difficulty right out the gate. 

The game will be built upon, and improved, as time goes on, but for now, development on a new game!

Link: Space Game

Were have the updates gone. June 9, 2015

by mdjustin at 4:28 pm

Hello, It's Justin. 

Recently you have noticed there have been no updates. This is becuase I felt like we weren't getting enough done in time to make a decent weekly one. 
So this is the general reason why there have been none. 

For the future I think we will update when we have a substantial amount of things to talk about. 

It's summer time for the team, this means that it's time off from our respected locations of education, meaning we can make some headway into making some games. Me and Jeff have begun work on one which we will be aiming for release by the end of summer. 
Ben has been making head way on his title and that should be out in the next few weeks. 

The websites forums should be up and running within the next week, So then we can get some community talk going between you guys and the developers. :D



Weekly Update for 11/04/2015 April 11, 2015

by mdjustin at 12:34 pm

Hello there. 
Welcome to the weekly update for this week. (Just in case you didn't know.)

This week we did another audio update. 

Click Here

This week we have made some more progress in the space game, with new AI being implemented within the code. 
There are a few more new enemies being added to the game. 

Vanguard has had some real progress in it's save files. Allowing you to give them custom names, and save as many as you want. 
Another bonus of this system is that you can easily move your save files around. 
We also began writing the item list, including all the stats each item will have. 

I think that concludes our update for this week. 


Weekly update for 04/04/2015 April 4, 2015

by mdjustin at 1:13 pm


Another Saturday, another update. 
This week has been a little slow, Mostly Aesthetic updates. 
The new artist ( He still hasn't introduced himself.) has created several new assets for our space game, and Ethan has been working on some new AI for this. Variety!!!
So, we should have that all good to go next week. We just need to create some powerups, and make it so you don't have to press every time you want to shoot.

Vanguard has had very little in the way of updating. Jeff has worked some more on the saving files, and it's actually get better, we can now save inventories and player positions. 

This week was rather short. 

Welp, We hope to have a larger update next week :D


Weekly Update for 28/03/2015 March 28, 2015

by mdjustin at 1:00 pm

Hello again! It's time for another weekly update, this time we are going to give audio a go. 

So that is below.

It's right here!

I'm also going to make a text post as well:

This week, Ethan was able to fix the sprite sizing, as well as more AI work. He also has patched a number of bugs that were spotted during play testing. 
Next week, he should be focusing on the AI only. Once he gets the new art from the artist. 

Vanguard has made some progress as well, with saving now working as intended. Next week, should be the creation of the new main menu and some other menus. 

I'm off for spring break after next week, so I'll get most of the basic art created then. So, next week I'll talk about what I'll be making then. 

Thank you once again, 

Weekly Update for 21/03/2015 March 21, 2015

by mdjustin at 12:18 pm

Hello there, 
I guess now that this is the second time I've been late, so we may as well just move this to Saturday updates. xD

So, this week Ethan was working on a new control system for his space game. He changed to an arena styled control system, meaning there is no longer any scrolling within the game. He has also been hard at work working on some new AI; it follows you now, but it is still a little basic. The next steps are to improve AI some more, and incorporate some power ups. 
Now all he has to do it reduce the spite size to something that isn't like a piece of bread on screen. 

Jeff has been hard at work with Vanguard working on the save games. He still has a fair bit to work out, but this is showing a lot of promise. 

Meanwhile, the new artist and I am coming up with something new. :o 

Stay tuned,

Weekly Update for 14/03/2015 March 14, 2015

by mdjustin at 9:39 am

Hello there. 

This is one day late but that's my fault. XD 

So, on with the update: 
This week we have mainly been focused on our new free title, that will be available on the site soon. (Maybe next month, depending on how things go.)
This will be Ethan's second game, since making One Chance. It's a 2D Bullet Hell game, in which you are to attain the highest score as possible. It's based around the old arcade games of great. 

The art style is pixel based, again, but we have greatly increased the sprite size, going with a much larger size. Making it look better than ever. The art is being done by a new guy, that I have invited to the team. He might make a post introducing himself later. I'll leave you with this to show what he can do. 

Also, you may have noticed we have a new logo. This is for the new year, (a little late I know) and it makes us look even more professional than before. The new artist created it, and I spent a couple hours working out the design. 

Some other things in the work: Jeff and I are back on the grind with our main title, Vanguard. We are planning more for it and are hoping to make it even better than before. I will continue to report how the development is going, but there won't be any playable demos for a while.

I guess that's all. See you all next week :D

Hello. March 6, 2015

by mdjustin at 1:05 pm

Oh man, it's been a while. 

I know you haven't heard from us for a while, but most of this was due to our planning being out of whack, and problems arising a lot, lately. 

We have started developing some new things, that you should keep your eyes on. 
I have some feelings about them. 

Also, we have created a Reddit page were we might post every now and again. Feel free to join that community here!

I will try to post a new update every week, so there is something new and interesting to read. 

But for now, that is all I can say. 


The Games are back. November 29, 2014

by mdjustin at 1:50 pm

I have finally uploaded all the games to the site. You are now able to download them once again. 

Have Fun!

Were are the games? October 14, 2014

by mdjustin at 12:58 pm

The games are removed form the site due to a technical error when I reshuffled thing's around on the web server and should be up as soon as I can find the time. 

Updates, there not here because :
1. Jeff's PC had a meltdown, he had to get a new one. This has caused a loss of all the code and forcing use to remake the game. 
2. Jeff has a demanding college schedule, It takes up most of his week, he does what he can when he can, but it's still a slow process.

We have always said to each other Education First, so don't rag on us. XD

We hope to have the new version ready before the end of this year, then be a bit more regular with the updates.

Vanguard 0.0.9 B Change Log May 15, 2014

by Rebeldeath at 8:51 pm

That's right ladies and gents. After a good bit of head pounding against solid objects, a few choice words, and a new update to unity, we are now able to introduce to you our new update log.

0.0.9 B
- A new land mass
-- The new landmass is approximately four (Yes, four! (4)) times as large as the last one.

Features :
- It's a bird! No, it's a plane! Oh No!! I-I-It-It's a giant spider!!!
-- That's right ladies and gents. We now give you something that you actually have to fight.

Removals :
- None

Bug Fixes :
- None

What to look forward to:
- "Finally I can see behind me"

Forums March 17, 2014

by mdjustin at 10:20 pm

Hello, it's Justin. 

The new, fancy, pretty forums are up and running. 

You can register and then take part in the discussions on the forum. Share your ideas and your comments! 

See you there!

Vanguard Change Log 0.0.9 March 7, 2014

by Rebeldeath at 6:36 pm

Changes :
- Now need an Axe to chop down trees.
- Now need a Pickaxe to mine ores.

Features :
- Trees are currently based off strength of Axe (Copper Axe cannot chop down a Maple Tree).

- Downed trees now need an axe to chop up into logs.

- Ores are currently based off of strength of Pickaxe. (Copper Pickaxe cannot mine Gold Ore)

- Chopping or mining now takes one durability point away from the tool. (Copper items have 50, Iron has 100, and Gold has 150 for now)

- Main menu and pause menu created.

- Can now play in full screen and quit game from inside the without having to open Task Manager or Alt-F4 it. (You're welcome Justin)

- GUI SKINS!!!! Well... At least the start of them anyway... We may possibly make everything look nicer by 0.1.0 who knows? And yes even we don't quite know.

Now supports 32 and 64 bit for all 3 operating systems.

- None

Bug Fixes:
- Crafting now tells you how much is needed instead of telling you 0 of said item that is needed.

What to look forward to:
- A friend? An Enemy? Another Entity? Who knows? We sure don't.
- Look around the forest for a sneak peak as to what's coming up in the near future.

The New Site / Update on Vanguard March 3, 2014

by Rebeldeath at 8:19 pm

First off I'm glad for this new site because it makes posting a lot easier. Secondly it looks nicer too.

Now off to Vanguard.

We have a few more bugs to work out of its system then we will be able to launch with the new update. Hopefully ill be able to accomplish this over spring break next week.

New website March 3, 2014

by mdjustin at 6:53 pm

Hello there, 
Welcome to our new and redesigned website. 

It was made thanks to my good friend Bas. If you want him to make a website for you, you can contact him at Devul.
He offers good prices for his work, and as you can see from this website, he's fantastic at it.

It's now easier to find things with the above Navigation Bar, and the Feedback Form now works :D

Once again, thank you, Bas. :D